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Jen is a talented Massage Therapist who finds her own spirits lifted by providing nurturing and healing touch to others. Jen's journey with bodywork began with her own experience with chronic neck and shoulder pain. She found tremendous relief through bodywork. Today, she takes her fascination with the body's ability to heal itself and helps her clients find relief from pain and stress by delivering soothing touch in just the right ways and places to create ease.

Jen specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Prenatal Massage techniques.


I am a professional dancer and I was working on television show, we were dancing 12hr days and needless to say, my body needed some serious healing! I have relapse and remitting Multiple Sclerosis and there are evenings where the spasticity in my legs keeps me from sleeping.  I have toured all over the United States with "So You Think You Can Dance" and we had massage therapists visit frequently, and I can confidently say Jen is by far one of the most in tune, beautiful spirited, open human beings I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She has the hands of Hercules if you need them and the gentle, healing touch all in one! Her space is so calming and every time I go in I never fail to walk out feeling lighter, more relaxed, balanced and the tension in my muscles relieved. You can tell Jen genuinely loves what she does from the moment you meet her. Her intentions are to help and her purpose is clear. She is the most amazing person with a contagious energy and to add to that….She is a body psychic! I would recommend Jen to everyone and anyone who needs balance and healing in their life, she is a light to all her meet her and don't even get me started on the incredible oils she uses!"

- Courtney Galiano Platt

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